Announcing, One Thousand Years with Jesus: The Coming Messianic Kingdom

I am privileged to announce the publication of my new book, “One Thousand Years with Jesus:  The Coming Messianic Kingdom,” through Wipf & Stock.  I have studied the future millennial reign of Jesus for the last decade.  And in that time, I have compiled hundreds of pages of notes.  But instead of writing a great tome of complicated verse-by-verse commentary on all the Bible has to say on the Messianic Kingdom, I decided to write something far more accessible to the layman.  All of the information that a seasoned theologian would expect is still included, but it is couched in plain language and organized according to themes.

Also included are chapters on what the early church believed about the end times and why later Christians moved away from those beliefs.  The book ends with a special chapter that asks the reader when various prophetic passages will be fulfilled.  Completing the exercise makes it clear just how critical it is to believe in the literal reign of Jesus on earth for a thousand years.

I am convinced that if you read this short book, you will come away with an understanding of the Millennium that would rival that of the majority of people who had read far more on the subject.  And if you happen to already be a Bible scholar—fear not, I included some fascinating “nuggets” just for you.

I was so blessed to have the foreword written by the great Messianic-Jewish scholar, Dr. Michael L. Brown of  I was honored to have the recommendations of some very impressive followers of Jesus.  They include Dr. Andy Woods and Dr. Michael J. Vlach–—two of the most prolific bible scholars of our time.  Dir. Alyse Merritt, a faith-based filmmaker and powerful voice in the Messianic-Jewish community, and Rev. Michael Gibbons, the lead pastor I serve under, also lent their support.

You can order the paperback or the ebook directly from the publisher here.

You can order either the paperback, the hardcover or the ebook from Amazon here.


The time is coming when the world will be radically changed for the better. It will last for a thousand years, bookended by resurrections, first of the just and then of the unjust. Satan will be chained in the abyss, no longer free to influence the nations. The saints will reign alongside the King of kings, Jesus Christ. This is a time that will begin after the return of the Messiah and end with Satan’s total defeat and the judgment of sinners. It is the very culmination of history, a transition away from the fallen world into the perfection of the Eternal State. This is a time known as the Millennium and the Messianic Kingdom. An understanding of this critical age makes the Bible come together as one metanarrative. It helps tell the story of the Scriptures.


“One of Matthew Ervin’s unique qualities is his ability to synopsize many difficult truths into brief, logical, understandable points. In One Thousand Years with Jesus, he has provided a comprehensive study of the millennium and its related events. As you read this book, you will again realize that God has a plan and is in total control, all for His glory!” —Mike Gibbons, Lead Pastor, Candlewood Community Church, Land O’ Lakes, FL

“Even a cursory study of church history demonstrates how quickly Premillennialism can be lost to the Body of Christ. This historical warning is especially true today as the church seems to be embracing mysticism and man’s philosophies in lieu of the biblical text. Bible-based literature is constantly needed to direct the church back to the text in defense of Pre-millennialism. Ervin has done just that in this book.” —Andy Woods, Senior Pastor, Sugar Land Bible Church, Sugar Land, TX

“More than any book I have seen, in this book Ervin explains the details of what Jesus’ coming earthly millennial reign will be like. By giving justice to what both the Old and New Testaments teach on this important issue, Ervin offers a biblical and exciting picture of the millennium. If one wants to contemplate Jesus’ kingdom from a consistent hermeneutic without layers of spiritualization and reinterpretation that so often plague this topic, this is the book to get!” —Michael J. Vlach, Professor of Theology, The Master’s Seminary

“As a devoted Messianic Jew, I was so encouraged to read how beautifully the future reign of our Messiah is based upon God’s treasured promises to my people. In the midst of such powerfully written words of advanced academia, Ervin’s depth is far-reaching and his love for the Jewish people is greatly evident.” —Alyse Nicole Merritt, Writer/Director, Tender Shoot Films


Rev. Matthew B. Ervin, MA, MTS, is a minister in the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). The founder and director of Apple Eye, a Bible-teaching ministry, he is a popular speaker at churches, synagogues, conferences, and rallies. Matthew currently serves as a seminary professor and the associate pastor of Candlewood Church in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.


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