The Premillennialism of Tertullian

Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus, referred to by Jerome as Tertullian, was the father of Latin Christianity and of western theology.  He was born somewhere between A.D. 145 to 160 in Carthage and died somewhere between A.D. 220 to 240.  Tertullian was a skilled theologian, with an aptitude for apologetics and polemics against various heresies.  His […]

Tertullian Reported that the New Jerusalem Appeared During His Lifetime

The Ante-Nicene Church Fathers as a whole are believed to have taught some unusual or bizarre doctrines.  Quite often this reputation stems from readers neglecting to understand the material carefully in its given context and not taking into account the different writing styles that were common to the ancients.  However, there are times when something […]