The Millennial Temple: the Prince of Feasts – Part 7

The prince over Israel is a key millennial figure. His largely feast-centered duties are detailed in Ezekiel 45:9-46:18.  In Israel’s past she was often ruled by unjust princes that would expropriate property from the people and manipulate the currency (45:9-12).  God will no longer allow this with the installment of David as His prince in […]

David is the Prince Over Israel in the Millennium

In the latter days the children of Israel will seek the LORD and David their king (Hos. 3:5).  The Israelites will serve the LORD and David, whom will be raised up for their sake (Jer. 30:9).  David’s position is of such prominence in Israel that only the Lord Jesus outranks him.  Ezekiel 34:23-24: And I will […]