The Millennial Jerusalem: YHWH-shammah

The LORD declared that the days are coming when Jerusalem is to be rebuilt from corner to corner (Jer. 31:38-39).  The first thing we should recognize about the millennial Jerusalem is that she is entirely holy.  To the west and south of the city in Jeremiah’s day and now lies the infamous valley of Ben-hinnom, […]

The Millennial Kingdom’s Jerusalem Mountain

GEOGRAPHY AND ECOLOGY During the Millennium, the land surrounding Jerusalem will be transformed into a plain.  It will run from Geba in the north to Rimmon in the South (Zech. 14:10).[1]  The plain contrasts with the now highly lifted Jerusalem and King Jesus who will be ruling from the summit (Zech. 14:9-10).  Jerusalem’s mountain will […]

The Millennial River

The valley formed by the splitting of the Mount of Olives allows for the flow of an amazing river that will exist during the Millennium.  The river’s fountainhead will be in the house of the LORD (Joel 3:18).  Specifically, it will flow from below the temple’s threshold (Ez. 47:1).  The river begins as only a […]