Jesus in Genesis 1-3

Note: This article is part of a series on Old Testament Christophanies.  For important background information, see An Introduction to Old Testament Christophanies–with Justin Martyr. From the Beginning Jesus was there from the very beginning, on the first page of our Bibles.  In Genesis 1, the phrase “Then God said” occurs immediately before the Lord issued […]

An Introduction to Old Testament Christophanies–with Justin Martyr

Justin’s Testimony In his magnum opus, Dialogue with Trypho,[1] Justin Martyr taught that there were moments in history when God had personally visited with different people.  But it wasn’t the Father, the Holy Spirit, or God in general who made these special appearances.  It was the Son.  Since he was striving to bring a Jewish […]

The Wonderful Christophany in Judges 13

The Angel of the LORD is no ordinary angel.  The Hebrew Mal’ak indicates anything from a generic messenger to a theophany.  In particular, the Angel of the LORD is a Christophany (a non-incarnate appearing of Jesus Christ).  Like the Son, the Angel of the LORD functions as the person of God that interacts with man […]

The Star of Bethlehem Was the Shechinah Glory

Theories as to what the Star of Bethlehem was are myriad.  The usual answers look to celestial objects ranging from real stars to comets.  Indeed, the inquiry has been so wide sweeping that virtually every object appearing in the sky has been posited as the Bethlehem Star.  However, when Scripture is examined the identity of […]