A Biblical Survey of the Kingdom: A Light to the World – Part 6

A Light to the Nations

After pleading with his Jewish brother to come to Jesus so that He may bring the kingdom (Acts 3:17-21), Peter referenced the Torah in Acts 3:22-23:

Moses said, ‘The Lord God will raise up for you a prophet like me from your brothers. You shall listen to him in whatever he tells you.  And it shall be that every soul who does not listen to that prophet shall be destroyed from the people.’ 

Moses prophesied that a prophet would arise that was like him (Deut. 18:15-19), likely meaning that he would be a deliverer, lawgiver and head of the nation.  The prophecy was well-known by Jews at the time as they were looking for this prophet to arrive (cf. John 1:21, 25; 7:40).  Peter’s sermon confirmed that this prophet is Jesus.  This means that from the time of Moses until Jesus, the kingdom in Israel could not have reached its sublime state.  Israel failed as a kingdom of priests because she could not obey on her own.  She did and still does need the Messiah to do the job.

The Millennium, is then, a necessary period in the saga of the kingdom.  It is the prophetic climax of God’s overarching redemptive agenda.  His completed promises to Israel in the unconditional covenants will be on full display before a world of believers and unbelievers.  A holy Israel will shine in the midst of a world needing to know God.  This is a purpose that could never be achieved in the Eternal State because everyone will already know their Creator.  Once empowered to obey God through an intimate relationship with Jesus, His desired role for Israel will be realized.  She will be set high above all the nations of the earth (Deut. 28:1; cf. Is. 2:2-4; Mic. 4:1-3), as the head and not the tail (Deut. 28:13).  Had God simply raised up Israel to her ideal state immediately, the Jewish people would not have as much reason to worship Him.  Only after thousands of years of Israel trying and failing to be a light to the world, will she be able to truly appreciate the Messiah’s redemptive work.  When Israel does become a light to the world, it will not be as the source, but as a reflection of the LORD’s glory.  The glory of Jesus will shine before the world as nations will be drawn to His light and kings to His brightness (Is. 60:1-3; cf. 49:6; Zech. 8:22-23).

Remember, this series was only a survey and brief history of the kingdom.  Alva McClain’s book, The Greatness of the Kingdom: An Inductive Study of the Kingdom of God, is highly recommended for further study.


  1. Who is Israel? He that denies the Son the same has not the Father. Replacement theology no,.but fulfillment! Ressurection theology… Gal.3:16,6:16 in Yahushua there is neither male nor female Jew nor Gentile but a new creation.
    1 Peter 1:23 Romans 8:8-11 Israel was called to be light of world: Prophet Priest King which she partially filled to which the world owes gratitude.
    Yet she Deut.28-32 turned and forgot her high calling …Ben Franklin was probably commenting from these chapters when he wrote Prosperity does best discover Vice adversity does best discover virtue… Likewise chronologically 5 out of the 7 parables in Matthew 13 become corrupted as in Revelation chapter 2 and 3 concerning the seven churches.
    Who is Israel is it not those who have wrestled with God and crossed over through Matt.10:38?
    Ecc.7:8 Isaiah 45:11 Rom.8:14 as many as are led by Spirit of God they are the sons of God verses 18 through 23 show the development of coming into the mind will and purpose of the Father known as adoption. Hebrews 5:8-9 …
    Yahushua said Peace be unto you as the Father sent Me so send I you John 20:21 Phil.3:8-12
    Has not most of the His/Story of the world centered around the geographical center of the earth Israel as our being revolves around which tree we eat from in the center of our garden?
    Choose Life rather than the dialectic tree of knowledge which begins a no beginning and works to no end ,a double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways see Proverbs 10:13 3:5-7 We are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
    And to help awaken Israel after the flesh the root of the olive tree to whom we have been grafted into by faith and thru obedience we may remain.
    In Jn.3:16 few can even quote correctly is not the promise contingent upon the word before not perish? In 1John:3:8 notice word before destroy … Thanks to Yahushua the enemy has been stripped of authority yet are we not to strip him of His power (the power of lies) by allowing Holy Spirit to fulfill THEE Great Commission in us? Gal.2:20

  2. Rachael Pengelly says:

    Hi there, I’m trying to find the first part of this series and read them in order. Could you place links to each please?
    Thanks kindly, Rachael

    • Matthew Ervin says:
    • Dear Rachel ,thank you for you investigation.
      Personally spent an hour in clarifying an answer to reply concerning who is Israel? With better understanding of subject via revelation of Messiah given by diligent seeking truth (Yahshua) compliments of The Spirit without which we can do nothing of value. But before finishing the letter disappeared in front of my eyes …was somewhat discouraged due to waiting carefully to write difficult to rewrite though not impossible … Himpossible always.
      For you would rewrite perhaps even more this is not replacement theology though all I know about replacement theology is that the church has replaced Israel …not so … My understanding of of links or rest of computer skills is extremely limited out of choice ….as it is written where a man’s treasure is there will his heart be also. First article personally wrote on net was about 13 years ago explaining in some detail easily verifiable facts concerning internet starting with the last parable concerning the kingdom of God ,found in Matthew 13:47! In less than 24 hours Article was removed. There was no negativity or positivity just facts worthy of investigation . Leaving one to discern form themselves. How interesting is the inner net which The Father has set for His Glory …. Hopefully you are His Glory . Buy the truth and sell it not! There is a price to pay….as Twain said as scarce as the truth is it’s Supply outweighs its demand. Truth can be compromised into a lie by selling ones soul by pride or deception that heart can grow hard without His reflection.
      Is God any respecter of persons for all who respect Him and follow after righteousness ,who work righteousness (right standing with Him) are accepted of Him. For who makes you differ from another and what do you have that you didn’t receive so if you received it why would you boast as if you didn’t receive it? Perhaps
      Man’s only possession (which was given him is freedom to choose? …. Interruption ,assistance needed……….
      Having a form of godlieness but denying the power thereof is a choice . my gmail is heart of matter 1013 choosing from very important scripture 1 Cor.10:13 which for me answers MANY Questions … as in being sinners or saints by choice in the Corinthian church. Especially the ongoing work of Genesis 1:26 Character development revealing our Wise Father’s Glory as in Luke 7:47 or (R 8:28). Is God respector of persons ? Dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return. Oh dust let I Am be your shield and Exceeding Great Reward Messiah in us the hope of Glory… See the beginning of Wonders by Vernon Jenkins and Rachel Christian Media network has an interesting take on who is Israel

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