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A Preterist Attempts to Interpret Zechariah 14

There are certain passages of Scripture that when taken out of context appear to support various forms of Preterism.  However, Preterism simply cannot stand under the weight of extensive prophetic narratives found throughout Scripture.  One such narrative is that of Zechariah 14.  This chapter is so favorable to futurist eschatology that the vast majority of […]

The Septuagint’s Use of, “Ekklesia” Does Not Indicate That Israel and the Church are One in the Same

Those who hold to various forms of Covenant theology believe that the Church (specifically, the Body of Christ) is the same entity as the believing Israelites in the Old Testament.  Thus, the Covenant theology adherent sees just one, “church.”  One of the most popular (and best) arguments for this belief is based on the Septuagint […]

The Millennial Kingdom’s Jerusalem Mountain

GEOGRAPHY AND ECOLOGY During the Millennium, the land surrounding Jerusalem will be transformed into a plain.  It will run from Geba in the north to Rimmon in the South (Zech. 14:10).[1]  The plain contrasts with the now highly lifted Jerusalem and King Jesus who will be ruling from the summit (Zech. 14:9-10).  Jerusalem’s mountain will […]

“Covenant” Theology Really is Replacement Theology

The term, “Replacement Theology” is most commonly used by the critics of those who believe that the Church (or Body of Christ) has replaced Israel in God’s prophetic plan.  The promises made to Israel in the covenants are now transferred to the Church. Those who are accused of holding to, “Replacement Theology” (especially those in […]